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Disneyland's Mich-Helado Drink With Sorbet

Disneyland's Boozy "Mich-Helado" Is Served With Tomato and Lime Sorbet, and Now We Have to Try It?

Disney California Adventure Park is home to some seriously epic snacks and drinks. And if you've ever been stuck debating between getting an ice cream or an ice cold beer on a hot day, you don't have choose just one anymore! Disney's latest ice cream creation is the Mich-Helado, and wow, do we want one stat.

This dessert and cocktail combo is made with amber beer, tamarindo, chile, limón, and has Tajin around the rim of the glass. But the best part? It's topped with a tomato and lime-flavoured sorbet! It's available at Clarabelle's Hand Scooped Ice Cream near the front of the park for $11. And while it may not look super appetizing, it sounds insanely refreshing and different, which is exactly the kind of drink we want.