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Newsflash: THIS Is How You Should Actually Be Cutting Your Round Cakes

Well, it looks like we've been cutting our birthday cakes the wrong way all this time. The viral video above has brought our wrongdoing to the light of day and provides us with an unexpected alternative — one that involves rectangular slices instead of the tried-and-true triangular ones. Mathematician Alex Bellos begins the clip by explaining that cutting a cake into wedges causes the sugary dessert to dry out if left in the refrigerator overnight. Instead, he advises making your first slice right down the middle so you can push the cut halves back together to preserve your leftovers' moistness overnight — because there's nothing more disappointing than a dried-out cake!

Watch the video above to see Bellos describe why it's about time you adopt this scientifically proven cutting method. You'll definitely want to add this genius tip to your list of must-know food hacks.

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