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Kroger Unicorn Swirl Ice Cream

OMG, Kroger's Cotton Candy Pink Unicorn Swirl Ice Cream Is Bringing Out My Inner 6-Year-Old

It seems like 2019 is another year of the unicorn, thanks to boxes of Lucky Charms Unicorn Marshmallows and unicorn striped cookies, and now Kroger is following the rainbow-guided path with its new Deluxe Unicorn Swirl Ice Cream!

The cotton candy pink ice cream is exactly what 6-year-old me would have loved to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while watching My Little Pony for hours on end. Complete with a blue icing unicorn swirl, the Unicorn Swirl Ice Cream has a cake-batter-flavoured base and bits of icing-covered animal crackers in every spoonful, according to Candy Hunting on Instagram. So it's basically a party in your mouth (cake included).

This magical frozen treat has officially been spotted on store shelves, so stop by your nearest Kroger store to have a taste for yourself. We can only imagine that it's as sweet as it sounds.