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The Best Vegan Fast Food in the UK

12 Vegan Junk Food Joints to Get You Through Veganuary

As all vegans know: being vegan isn't boring. It's not all fruit and vegetables as it's so often stereotyped, and vegan eaters like treating themselves to a healthy dose of calories as much as any carnivore. So when news broke this week that McDonald's is finally jumping on the vegan bandwagon and releasing a meal for the plant-based eaters among us, it only made sense to spend my time working out exactly what other vegan junk food to eat while we wait.

In my book, any store or restaurant that does delivery or takeaway counts as fast food. While I'm a huge pizza fan, there's so much more to vegan junk food than that. Whether you prefer burgers and fries, chicken nuggets, or doner kebab, click your way through the very best vegan fast food joints ahead, then find your vice and immediately make dinner plans (or don't, and order in instead).