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Starbucks Wednesday Vanilla Cream Cold Brew Review

Starbucks's "Wednesday" Cold Brew Has the Perfect Bittersweet Balance

Starbucks Wednesday Vanilla Cream Cold Brew Review

Wednesday Addams has inspired a pair of unofficial Starbucks drinks as dark and bittersweet as her soul. After watching the macabre teenager sleuth around Nevermore Academy in search of the Hyde's true identity, I decided to taste test the vanilla bean cold brews that fans presume would be her fuel for a day of sabotage, spying, and late-night cello practice.

The first drink, created by Totally the Bomb, is a cold brew coffee with a few pumps of mocha sauce, topped with vanilla bean cold foam: regular cold foam mixed with a scoop of vanilla bean powder. To bring out the chocolate undertones of the mocha, I decided to ask for mine with a drizzle of dark chocolate around the inside of the cup, which resulted in a spiderweb-like design on top of the cold foam.

A second drink began circulating on TikTok after one account shared the recipe from Facebook. A dark and brooding twist on the classic pumpkin spice latte, the Wednesday-inspired drink is a regular cold brew with pumps of mocha and pumpkin sauces in place of the dark chocolate. Like the first drink, the sweet vanilla bean cold foam is key to balancing out the strong flavours of the coffee.

At face value, the drinks are pretty similar. After a taste test, though, the first feels like a representation of Wednesday at the beginning of season one — bold, powerful, and too strong for some — and the second, a representation of her after she makes friends and finds her place at Nevermore — equally strong but just a tad bit sweeter.

Both were delicious and perfect drinks for fall weather, but read ahead to see which of the two "Wednesday"-inspired cold brews was the winner.