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Taurus Baby Names

Rely on 1 of These 39 Taurus Baby Names to Be the Practical Pick


You'll be welcoming a Taurus to the family if your little one arrives between April 20 and May 20. This second sign of the zodiac is represented by the bull, and the positive side of what could be considered stubbornness is the Taurean's committed, devoted, patient, and responsible nature. Arguably one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac, Taureans are practical, stable and hard-working, seeing through their choices — this presents itself as loving loyalty in relationships.

Taurus is an earth sign — like Capricorn and Virgo — so it's fitting that they're well-grounded. They harvest the fruits of their labour — quite literally, when it comes to their love of gardening. This is often joined by a love of cooking, as taste and touch are their most important senses. Their sensual, tactile nature feeds into their joy of physical pleasure, romance, and beauty, which can reach hedonistic heights! No wonder, given they're ruled by Venus, planet of love, attraction, beauty, and creativity. Let these associations guide you with 39 of the most appropriate Taurus baby names.

Names For Taurus Boys

  1. Ainsley — this Gaelic name means "meadow"
  2. Bacchus — hedonistic Roman god of the grape-harvest and ritual madness
  3. Beau — this French name means "handsome"
  4. Caleb — this Hebrew name means "faithful"
  5. Constantine — this Latin name means "steadfast"
  6. David — this Hebrew name means "beloved"
  7. Demetrius — this Greek name means "belonging to Earth"
  8. Dillon — this Gaelic name means "loyal, faithful"
  9. Dionysus — hedonistic Greek god of the grape-harvest and ritual madness
  10. Durant — this Latin name means "firm, enduring"
  11. Ethan — this Hebrew name means "solid, enduring, and firm"
  12. Farley — this English name means "from the bull meadow"
  13. Garth — this Old Norse name means "field or garden"
  14. George — this Greek name means "farmer"
  15. Kelby — this Old German name means "from a farm by the ridge"
  16. Leif — this Old Norse name means "beloved"
  17. Rami — this Arabic name means "loving"
  18. Will — this German name means "determination"

Names For Taurus Girls

  1. Anthea — this Greek name means "lady of flowers"
  2. April — one of the birth months of Taurus
  3. Belle — this French name means "beauty"
  4. Cal — this French name means "devotion"
  5. Constance — this Latin name means "constant, faithful, steadfast"
  6. Daisy — this Old English name is a flower of Venus
  7. Demeter — this Greek name means "earth mother", the Greek goddess of agriculture
  8. Dilys — this Welsh name means "steadfast"
  9. Flora — Roman goddess of flowers
  10. Gaia — Greek earth goddess
  11. Isa — this Teutonic name means "strong‐willed"
  12. Liluri — Syrian goddess of mountains, for whom bulls were sacred
  13. May — one of the birth months of Taurus
  14. Patience — this English name is one of the seven virtues
  15. Petra — this Slavic name means "reliable, a rock"
  16. Rhea — Greek earth goddess
  17. Rose — a flower of Taurus, and a gemstone (rose quartz) of Taurus
  18. Tara — Irish Gaelic earth goddess
  19. Taura — this Greek name means "a bull, Taurus"
  20. Thea — this Greek name means "flowery"
  21. Wilhelmina — this Teutonic name means "determined, loyal"
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