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Video of Woman Singing Cardi B to Her Cousins

This Woman Sang Cardi B to Her Cousins, and by the Looks on Their Faces, They're Absolutely Traumatized

Although nurturing our children and helping them grow into productive human beings is always priority number one of parenthood, no one said the extended family can't have a *little* fun with how they influence your kids once in a while. Take Isis Rodriguez, a woman who's recently gone viral to the tune of more than 13 million views for shocking her two cousins while singing Cardi B's "Money" in a giant floppy hat. After the girls' bath time, they got an eyeful as Isis gave them a hilarious impromptu performance while they stood there in towels, mouths agape. Thankfully, her cousin Tracy captured the interaction and shared it on social media, captioning the now-viral video, "Them: 'Mom, can you pick me up I'm scared.'"

The hysterical clip instantly picked up speed when a woman named Sabrina — who's not a mom just yet but is speculating how she'll parent when the time comes — shared the video on Twitter, writing, "Me as a 36-year-old mom traumatizing my kids with my singing skills." As a fellow nonmom, I completely agree that this type of performance is on my parenting bucket list!

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