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What Are the Best US Airlines of 2019?

Here Are the Best (and Worst) American Airlines, According to Experts and Fliers

What Are the Best US Airlines of 2019?
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When planning a trip to (or in) the the USA, it's hard to decide which airline is actually best-suited for you and your travel style. We've all heard horror stories of airlines having poor customer service, hidden baggage fees, or uncomfortable seats, so when it's time to book your flight and you have to choose between a few different airlines, you should compare the pros and cons. Whether you're in coach or first class, the airline can make or break your travel experience.

That's why I've asked travel and airline experts, researched each airline, and read through the most recent 2019 customer reviews to bring you the 11 major US-based airlines ranked from worst to best for this year.

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