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5 Best Bath Bombs For a DIY Spa Experience

5 Bath Bombs That Will Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

5 Best Bath Bombs For a DIY Spa Experience

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There's nothing like taking the relaxing spa aesthetic and recreating it in the comfort of your own home. From eucalyptus towels to shower tablets, creating a zen-like ambiance in your bathroom can lend a hand in achieving the elevated shower or bath of your dreams. These rituals can serve as an act of self-care and are the perfect way to bookend a long day. While there are plenty of products out there to stock your shelves with, a crowd favourite is the bath bomb.

Over the years, the category has literally and figuratively exploded in popularity, with people using them to create bath cocktails, body soaks, and even DIY aromatherapy treatments. Bath bombs are also fairly easy to make, so if you prefer to craft your body-care products by hand, they're a great project to do solo or with family and friends.

If you're looking to take your "me-time" to new heights, we rounded up some of the best bath bombs available for you to shop. From formulas that help soothe the skin to others that'll transform your tub into a colourful, dreamy oasis, read ahead for the restock your bathroom needs to become the spa you've always wanted.

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