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5 Best Haircut Trends For Fall 2022, According to Experts

5 Haircut Trends You'll See Everywhere This Fall

5 Best Haircut Trends For Fall 2022, According to Experts
Image Source: Getty / Hanna Lassen

Look to the cyclical nature of trends, and summer has long been established as the all-compassing season of ease. Pool floats! Low-key hairstyles! Holiday days that aren't confined to the white-plastered walls of your tiny apartment living room. But as the last few years have shown: societal norms are shifting. Now, it's fall's turn to churn out haircut trends that are equal parts breezy and bold — and they're taking some inspiration from the past.

Whereas historically the autumnal season saw an influx of polished cuts to match those crisp new wardrobes, those are exactly the types of styles to avoid these next few months. "We are seeing much more effortless, undone, messy looks this year," Seiji Kitazato, the creative director at The Yoshiko Salon in NYC, tells POPSUGAR. Plus, "we all know fashion always comes back in style, and the same goes for hair."

From shaggy layers that bring to mind some of your favourite retro stars (cough, Farrah Fawcett) to the edgy style Miley Cyrus is making cool again, there's a haircut du jour for everyone's taste. "This fall we will be seeing a lot of [new] takes on old-school looks, like mullet cuts and shags, voluminous layers, and fringe bangs," says Kitazato. "Always remember that we must start with the hair type and face shape to make sure the look suits them too."

To help you prep for your next appointment, keep reading for a breakdown to the coolest pro-approved haircut trends worth trying this fall. Rest assured: they couldn't get any easier.

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