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Deacon Phillippe and Magnus Ferrell Hang Out in LA

We Have Many Questions About Deacon Phillippe and Magnus Ferrell's Friendship

Deacon Phillippe and Magnus Ferrell Hang Out in LA

In recent nepo baby news, Deacon Phillippe and Magnus Ferrell were spotted arriving for dinner at Craig's, a celebrity-favourite spot in Los Angeles. The two 19-year-olds, who are Reese Witherspoon and Will Ferrell's kids respectively, reportedly headed there after a party celebrating Magnus's new single, "Drinks on Me," on Oct. 19. Will and wife Viveca Paulin were also there to support their eldest son.

Though Phillippe, a sophomore at NYU, is now best known for his role on "Never Have I Ever," he's also a singer and performed as the special guest for the event. The oldest of three sons, Magnus is a singer-songwriter and in his second year at USC. (This also explains why Will randomly DJ'd at a USC frat party a few weeks ago.)

When it comes to nepo babies, I'm always most intrigued by celebrity offspring and how they end up becoming friends. Even if they do eventually pursue careers in Hollywood like their parents, there's so much history (and baggage) to unpack. I imagine many celebrity children live in similar neighbourhoods in the LA area, so they presumably go to the same schools, or play sports and take singing or acting classes together at a young age. Perhaps that was the case with Deacon and Magnus.

But are Reese and Will even friends? Did the kids or parents develop a friendship first? After a quick Google search, I found Reese and Will are starring in an upcoming "wedding comedy," which they shot in Atlanta earlier this year. Maybe this friendship is a recent development. Perhaps Deacon and Magnus are new pals who decided to link up after realising they had a passion for music — and famous parents — in common. Wait, is there a nepo baby group chat out there that we don't know about?

These are the same questions I have with other celebrity children friendships. Lila Moss and Iris Law are besties, and so are North West and Maxwell Johnson, daughter of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. Oh, and Blue Ivy Carter and Apple Martin grew up hanging out together, too. I wonder if it's weird if their parents aren't close . . .

As you ponder your own questions, get a closer look at Deacon and Magnus's night out ahead.

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