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Kelsey Wells's 20-Minute Equipment-Free Full-Body Workout

If You Want to Get Stronger Without Equipment, Try This 20-Minute Full-Body HIIT Workout

Kelsey Wells's 20-Minute Equipment-Free Full-Body Workout
Image Source: SWEAT App

As you wait for the gym equipment you ordered to get delivered, we've got you covered with an efficient total-body HIIT workout that will challenge your strength and endurance. NASM-certified trainer Kelsey Wells of SWEAT app is also the creator of the PWR programs, and this workout is inspired by the new 10-week PWR Zero Equipment program. We're loving it because every workout takes under 30 minutes to complete.

"My new PWR Zero Equipment program allows you to evenly train your muscle groups without having to use weights through the blend of HIIT cardio and compound strength-based exercises," Wells told POPSUGAR. No matter your fitness level, anyone can do these workouts because they can be modified or progressed to meet your needs. For example, if you're a beginner, you can perform the exercises slower or do fewer reps, and if you're more conditioned, you can perform more reps or do the moves faster to up the intensity, Wells explained.

Whether you're just getting familiar with training or simply need a program to commit to, Wells has got you covered. If you want a taste of what her 10-week equipment-free program is like, grab some water, get your favourite playlist ready, and check out her 20-minute workout ahead.

Kelsey Wells's 20-Minute Full-Body Workout

Equipment needed: a yoga mat or a soft surface to train on

Before you jump into the workout, Wells said to make sure that you warm up. She recommends completing three to five minutes of cardio such as jogging or skipping in place. Once you've completed the cardio, she recommends completing dynamic stretches such as leg swings, arm circles, and torso twists to increase your range of motion and prevent injury.

This workout is broken up into three parts: a superset, a circuit, and a burnout. First, you'll complete three rounds of the superset, performing push-ups into side planks and straight-leg raises back-to-back, taking little to no rest in between each exercise. Once you've completed the superset, you'll perform rounds of X planks, ab bikes, and double-pulse squat jumps as a circuit, working for 50 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. Take one minute of rest in between each round. Finally, you'll finish the workout with a minute of nonstop half burpees.

You're going to be putting in work, so don't forget to take a few minutes to cool down and return your heart rate to normal afterward. Wells recommends three to fives minutes of walking to lower your heart rate followed by static stretching.

  • Superset one, exercise one: push-up with side plank: 10 reps (five reps per side)
  • Superset one, exercise two: straight-leg raise: 12 reps

Take one minute of rest before advancing to the circuit.

  • X plank: perform for 50 seconds, then take 10 seconds of rest
  • Ab bike: perform for 50 seconds, then take 10 seconds of rest
  • Double-pulse squat jump: perform for 50 seconds, then take 10 seconds of rest

After you complete three rounds of the circuit, take one minute of rest before advancing to the burnout.

  • Half burpee: one minute
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