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Where to Find 3 Musketeers Birthday Cake Flavour

Birthday Cake-Flavoured 3 Musketeers Are Hitting Walmart Shelves This Month, and OMG

Is it my birthday? No, but it sure feels like it because I just found out that 3 Musketeers is releasing a birthday cake flavour! The sweet new chocolate bars are set to hit Walmart shelves in October, and then they'll be available everywhere in January, according to Candy Hunting. Believe it or not, this is the first new flavour from 3 Musketeers since 2012's Coconut. The chocolate candy bar with a light and airy nougat filling is certainly delicious on its own, but the sugary, vanilla-y birthday cake flavour will totally take it up a notch. Look out for the fun packageing, and consider this a gift to us all.