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Life-Affirming Books For Women in Their 20s

The Most Life-Affirming Books For Women in Their 20s

Life-Affirming Books For Women in Their 20s
Image Source: Little Black Book

It's been said that your 20s are both the best and hardest years of your life. As a now 26-year-old woman, I can confirm that to be true. Whether it's the university experience that has you questioning everything, the graduate job search that gets you down, or the struggle to figure out how on earth you're meant to balance your friendships, romantic relationships, social life, career ladder, and finances whilst also looking after yourself, your 20s are a decade full of questions — and in many cases, not a lot of answers.

Thankfully, we have the gift of women authors who have come before us and lived to tell the tale of their 20s. Women like Shonda Rhimes, who speak about the experience of Black women in the television and film industry, or Elizabeth Day, who remind women that it's OK to fail, and that sometimes it's actually your perceived failures that make you stronger.

Women like Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené have a place here too, as through their book Slay in Your Lane they explore the struggles of Black people through the ages, whether it be in the education system, the workplace, or the dating world — the struggles are real, and there are far too many. And that's not all; women like Sharan Dhaliwal who helps South Asian women to find themselves and Stefanie Sword-Williams too, who exist to remind us that being humble is not all that it's cut out to be, and that self-promotion can be a gateway to our success.

Read ahead for our picks of the top books for women in their 20s.

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