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8 Black Women Who Helped Revolutionise the Beauty Industry

8 Black Women Who Have Helped Make the Beauty Industry a More Welcoming, Inclusive Space

8 Black Women Who Helped Revolutionise the Beauty Industry

In recent years, diversity has become a much-talked-about topic in the beauty industry, with the global racial justice movements of 2020 only amplifying the conversation. It is safe to say that for a very long time, the skin- and hair-care needs of Black women were simply an afterthought when it came to new product launches and ingredient innovation. Thankfully, things are starting to change: difficult conversations are taking place and many of the beauty brands we know and love are stepping up to ensure that the needs of Black women are met. When we think of diversity, our first thought may be an extensive foundation shade offering, but it is so much more than that.

October marked the beginning of Black History Month in the UK. To commemorate the occasion, we are celebrating eight Black women who have had an undeniable impact on the beauty industry through speaking up or using their respective platforms to help usher in the changes they wanted to see. Each and every one of these inspiring game changers have all transformed the beauty industry for the better.

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