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Exercises to Get a Bigger Butt

The Cardio You Should Be Doing If You Want a Bigger Butt (and Some Bonus Strength Moves)

Exercises to Get a Bigger Butt
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Did you know the gluteal muscles are one of the most underused and undertrained muscles in the body? Crazy, right? One of the common causes of dormant butt syndrome as some like to call it is sitting. Yes, sitting. When you sit for extended periods of time (you may want to stay up now and continue reading this) your hip flexors tighten and your glute muscles turn off.

The good news is, you can begin correcting and activating your booty muscles today (and start getting those gains). It's 100 percent okay to train your butt everyday, just be sure to mix up the stimulus in order to prevent over training and injury. If you're new to strength training you'll want to begin with no more than three strength sessions a week, in order to allow your body to adapt to the new stimulus. Once you become comfortable with the movements and aren't extremely sore, you can begin to advance your programs.

Personal trainer Ryan Read has transformed a butt or two, and told POPSUGAR that he likes to add walking on a treadmill at an incline into his programs to help with booty gains. "I base my whole program on building and burning," he said. "I have my girls lift heavy weights to build muscle, and do incline and resistance cardio to burn calories and tone." Ryan said that the combination of lifting heavy and doing resisted cardio are "key to getting the lean, full look girls want."

How exactly does walking on an incline help? Glad you asked. Ryan said that it allows the glutes to stay involved while keeping the heart rate elevated and burning calories. "It's high intense, fast-paced, and makes for a great workout to keep the muscles guessing, which is key to growth."

Start sculpting your booty today with Ryan's butt transforming workout. And as a bonus, begin implementing these exercises into your strength sessions to really see a change in your assets.

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