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Muscle-Building Bodyweight Workout

You Can Build Muscle Without Weights, and This Bodyweight Workout Is All the Proof You Need

Muscle-Building Bodyweight Workout
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You don't need any equipment to build muscle, you just need the right workout. Instead of trying to spot-train muscle groups, you should focus on the bigger picture and do compound exercises, because they're multi-joint movements that target groups of large muscle at once. Because compound exercises require more energy to perform, you'll also be able to burn more fat when they're in your workouts and done consistently.

If you're just beginning or returning to exercise, you want to build muscle, or you're looking for ways to train sans equipment, this four-move workout by Felix Ferreira, NASM-certified, is for you. It incorporates compound exercises, the format is set to help optimise muscle building and fat burn, and it will leave you feeling equal parts sweaty and strong.

"Pairing these four exercises together will increase muscle by challenging multiple muscle groups at one time," Ferreira explained. "This will help break down muscle fibres that will rebuild during rest (after a workout and as you sleep) and become stronger and larger over time, he added. This workout will definitely help you reach your muscle-building goals, but don't forget about getting adequate sleep, manageing and decreasing your stress, and eating foods that will support your goals. Now that you know what to expect, grab a mat, a towel, and some water, and get ready to build muscle!

Bodyweight Muscle Building Workout

Directions: Before getting started, make sure to warm up; here's a dynamic warmup we like. This workout should be performed as a circuit, meaning you will complete each exercise back-to-back, taking little to no rest in between each move. If you do need rest or water, feel free to take it.

Once you've completed the designated reps for all four movements, take 90 seconds to two minutes of rest, and then repeat for a total of three to four rounds. If you're a beginner or returning to exercise, it's recommended you complete three rounds. If you're more advanced or conditioned, it's recommended you complete four rounds. Once you've completed the workout, make sure to take time to cool down and stretch.

  • Squat with alternating reverse lunge: 10 reps (one squat and a lunge on each leg counts as one rep)
  • Glute bridge: 10 reps
  • Triceps push-up: 10 reps
  • Superman with lat pulldown: 10 reps

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